School Captain Rachel Hall and Vice-Captain Zoe McLoughlin knew they had big shoes to fill accepting their leadership roles at The Glennie School in 2018.

After meeting other student leaders and listening to thought-provoking guest speakers at a leadership conference earlier in the year, Rachel and Zoe opted for a collaborative approach to their leadership journey to leave a lasting legacy at Glennie. “Above all, I want to be the type of leader who sets an example for others and the best way I can do this is by emulating our school values of compassion, integrity, respect and courage,” said Rachel.

Rachel and Zoe chose to approach their leadership as role models, not rulers. Throughout the year, they will bounce ideas off their cohort to engage in initiatives such as The Smith Family’s Student2Student program where the pair will facilitate peer buddies for primary school aged children who have reading difficulties. They also promote the program to students in the Middle and Senior Years cohort. “As peer buddies, the girls will telephone students to listen and encourage them to read and support them where we can. In the process we hope to inspire them to continue their interest in reading beyond the program,” said Zoe.

Rachel is focusing her academic efforts with the goal of pursuing further studies in Actuarial Science (Maths). The idea of working with data and statistics to analyse future probability and mitigating risk excites her. Zoe has chosen to pursue studies in Medical Imaging, specifically Radiography and Sonography.

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