Highlife Magazine - www.highlifemagazine.net - Roma Big Rig Upgrade Now Underway

The Big Rig Oil and Gas Interpretative Centre in Roma has started work on upgrading several of its exhibitions and facilities. The Big Rig Centre is a well-known tourist destination for anyone passing through Roma, providing insight into the oil and gas industry with informative displays and machinery on show.

The upgrade will include changes to the Night Show as well as upgrades to the oil patch exhibition, and the development of a prehistoric section. Improvements to the restaurants and theatres within the centre are also being made. “Residents and tourists can expect a new tiered seating area in the Night Show arena as well as a new meeting space in the ‘NOGI’ building,” Councillor Ree Price said. “Subject to funding, we’ll be looking at renewing hardware for the Night Show and developing a new and entertaining show – the next few years will be very exciting for the Big Rig!”

The Big Rig will continue to operate as a tourist attraction as well as being an environment for visitors to learn about the original birthplace of Australia’s oil and gas industry. The upgrades will roll-out over a five-year period and the Maranoa Regional Council will be seeking opportunities for external funding.

Words by Emily Facoory