The sun was shining on this year’s Royal Toowoomba Show, for the first time in what has been an annual drought breaking event! This was great news for organisers, who saw good numbers through the gates, and better news for the operators of the waterslide, who should be applauded in their gamble given the weather history of the event. The hot weather held all week but broke in a ferocious storm on Saturday afternoon, unfortunately bringing evening performances to an end.

Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland CEO, Damon Phillips, was particularly pleased with the ease of the program, which allowed families to move from one venue to the next without missing out on any of the action. Peppa Pig was a highlight for the little ones, while older kids delighted in the ‘Cowboy Dive Show’, in which a cowboy went to great heights to throw himself into a tiny pool below. The main event, however, was the 300-strong special Gallipoli commemoration that took place in the evenings.


As per usual, it was the animals that stole the show. Regular favourites like horse events, cattle judging and sheep dog trials were just a few of the crowd pleasers. Other animal shows included snake handlers, sheep shearing and Equestrian Breeds Spectacular.

Congratulations must go to the lovely Hannah Dye, who was named Toowoomba Showgirl for 2015. No less fierce, but with less sashes, was the wood chopping competition. Always a highlight of the show, this year proved to be as entertaining as ever.

Mr Phillips looks forward to next year’s event, and although planning is yet to get underway, agricultural education will be central to the program. For those who missed out on The Diving Cowboy this year, the good news is that he is likely to be back in 2016.