RME-30Years-1-clean-with-30-years-and-logoThe green shoots of a revitalised future are showing for Russell Mineral Equipment (RME). The mining construction boom, which began in 2005, built to a peak for RME in 2012 and featured a sharp contraction in early 2014. The prices for copper and gold, metals central to RME’s activities, have not suffered the catastrophic falls that coal and iron ore have. Consequently, recovery from this contraction is coming somewhat sooner than might have been expected, with several new recruitments taking place and new service centres and expansions planned.

2014 marked RME South America’s 10-year anniversary. This proudly 100 per cent South American RME Service Centre was acknowledged by BHP Billiton’s Escondida Copper Mine at Escondida’s 2014 annual awards ceremony, winning the ‘Proveedor Destacado Supply 2014 award’, Escondida’s second highest award amongst their hundreds of suppliers.

RME North America (Salt Lake City) moved to larger premises in 2014 to accommodate growth. RME Africa (Johannesburg), continues to experience growth in sales of the RME Mill Relining System, equipment service and mill relining services through RME’s new venture, RME MILL RELINING.

RME was established in Toowoomba in 1985. Heritage Bank CEO John Minz and Empire Theatre Chairman, Professor Peter Swannell, joined the entire Australian RME team on June 17, 2015, to celebrate RME’s 30th anniversary. As mankind successfully addresses its ability to produce electricity in sustainable and environmentally responsible ways, the demand for copper and gold increases. Wind and solar generated electricity require more copper per kW than electricity produced by fossil fuels. New ‘green’ technologies such as electric cars also use more copper per vehicle than conventional petrol and diesel cars. The future for copper and gold is very encouraging and RME embraces this new future.

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