Toowoomba’s Russell Mineral Equipment is celebrating the manufacture of its 400th Mill Relining Machine. RME sold its first Mill Relining Machine in 1990 and today the company’s global reach extends to 345 mine sites across 56 countries. Member for Toowoomba South David Janetzki MP congratulated RME on their success.“RME is an excellent example of innovative manufacturing right here in the heart of Toowoomba South,” Mr Janetzki said. “RME is one of the only local manufacturers that designs, engineers, fabricates, manufactures and exports directly from Toowoomba to the world,” he said.“They are a major employer of local people and export 90% of their products overseas.”

Grinding mills can be described as huge mixers measuring up to 12 metres in diameter which tumble large lumps of ore and break them into smaller particles, a process necessary for separating mineralisation from barren host rock. Mill liners are the sacrificial linings which protect the interior of grinding mill shells from wear. They also enhance the grinding performance of the mill. A Mill Relining Machine is a purpose-built machine designed to remove worn liners and place new liners in grinding mills.

RME founder and executive chairman Dr John Russell said RME contributed one per cent of the Toowoomba region’s gross domestic product.“Toowoomba enjoys a diversified economy, including a long and proud tradition of advanced manufacturing,” Dr Russell said. “I am very proud that RME is a signification contributor to this strong manufacturing heart. RME is a global employer of choice and relies on world class talent to compete globally.”

LNP Shadow Minister for Manufacturing Andrew Powell congratulated RME on their significant contribution to the local and international mining industry. “Since the introduction of RME’s mill relining system, traditional mill relining times have been quartered and many health and safety hazards for workers have been eliminated,” Mr Powell said. “As Shadow Manufacturing Minister, I stand proudly with companies like RME that employ local people, employ the highest quality materials and employ cutting edge technology,” he said. “We need to do all things necessary to support manufacturers by reducing the regulatory burden and otherwise get out of the way to let them do what they do best – building the best Queensland has to offer and export it to the world.”

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