Over the past three decades Sandy Pottinger has become a legendary figure among artists in the Darling Downs region. A graduate of Fairholme College she attended art school in Brisbane, and worked as a photographer in Sydney after completing her post-graduate studies. Pottinger was drawn back to Toowoomba and has taught in the arts faculty at University of Southern Queensland for 30 years.

Pottinger has become noted for helping emerging artists refine their talents. She is an eagerly-read columnist for The Chronicle and accompanying that she has opened hundreds of exhibitions in a wide range of mediums.Her latest exhibition, at the Rosalie Gallery in Goombungee, is titled Un (der) cover and was opened by Sue Losthro, who is Art Galleries and Cultural Services director at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. “The exhibition is inspired by the ephemeral nature of street art where walls become vast canvases that often over cover lays of stories, images and idea,” Pottinger said.

To achieve this she has used some of her earlier paintings as memory walls, which proved to be an emotional experience for her. “I was not just covering the physical marks on canvas but also the thoughts, ideas, inspiration and associations behind the colours and shapes from an earlier time that were also part of my experience,” Pottinger says. “By allowing details of a former existence to peek through, the concept of reveal and conceal became a game of hide and seek in which traces of memory were tantalizing hidden in full view. As a result the new old paintings are fresh entities with their own meanings but they bring with them a personal and secret history of a previous life, a former existence that was once a picture in its own right.”

The exhibition opened on October 2 and is available for viewing until October 27.

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