St Joseph’s College Captains are Eloise Young, Hamish McIlveen, Madeline Woodall and Patrick O’Brien.

In 2019, the College Captains are focused on initiatives including student wellbeing, relationship building, community and culture, school pride and image. To support this united vision, the team has brought several new and innovative ideas to the College. The leaders have already transformed the structure of the weekly meetings for the College houses Murphy, McAuley, Brennan and Rice. Their vision is to create distinguishable branding for each house to encourage a greater sense of identity, pride and school spirit.

Each week they introduce interactive, engaging and leader led challenges and activities to encourage community among peers.The team is also increasing school pride through reinforcing positive dress code etiquette. They believe that encouraging students to take simple steps in how they present themselves will develop stronger school spirit, self esteem, behaviour and respect towards others.

The captains are encouraging students to utilise opportunities during break times and outside of school in the hope of building lifelong friendships and stepping outside of comfort groups and regular friendship circles. Overall, the captains of 2019 hope their example will serve as a model for peers this year and for all future student leaders. They encourage students to give everything their best go because having a positive and willing attitude will serve them well in life.