Resilience is a word that has been used a lot lately and something that many local businesses continue to strive for in our changing world. If there is one business that has stood the test of time, Schrecks Shoe Store in Dalby is one to count in. An iconic fixture in the towns’ main street, Schrecks has been serving the Western Downs community for over a century.

First opening its doors as Fields Shoes in 1902, original store owner Cyrill Field retired in 1949, with Kevin Schreck taking up ownership and later changing the name to Schrecks Shoe Store. Little did he know at the time he had not only taken on a business but was inadvertently creating a family legacy that has spanned three generations. Following his retirement, his daughter Mauneen Hartman took on the role of owner before following tradition with her daughter, Melinda Daniel the current store owner.

According to owner Melinda, the secret to their success and sustainability is simple. “Knowing what your customers want is important. We know our clientele and what they like and don’t like, we have built a relationship with them.”

Stepping into Schrecks is a little like stepping back in time. From the traditional front glass window displays, floor to ceiling open storage of colourful shoe boxes, to the antique bench seats and various vintage pieces like the wooden shoe polish stand. Businesses such as this are few and far between and thanks to quality products, good old fashioned customer service and a great reputation; they don’t just exist but thrive in our communities.

Schrecks is very much a family shoe store that continues to cater to the whole family. They offer a wide range of footwear at an affordable price for the whole family. Stocking children’s, teens, women’s and men’s footwear, work boots, protective shoes, sneakers, hosiery, shoe cleaning and protection productions and various fashion accessories.

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