Scots PGC College Year 12 student Holly Wickham is no stranger to success. Last year in the spring edition of Highlife, we highlighted some of Holly’s numerous achievements in the equestrian and academic fields.

Since this time, Holly Wickham has built on her equestrian success and was awarded a place on the Queensland Equestrian team for Dressage and competed at the national event late last year.

Holly is highly regarded in all aspects of college life.

This year, her peers have elected her as one of their college prefects a role that she has always wanted to fulfil.

Holly will lead the Cameron Clan in sporting success throughout 2018 as a prefect.  Given her recent equestrian achievements, Holly is suitably qualified to achieve success yet again.

She is looking forward to developing her leadership skills and finds that the role of Clan Captain is a diverse one.

  “I find it gratifying that I will be able to support, encourage and lead students from Prep right through to Year 12 in my prefect role.” 

As a role model for the younger students within the college, this year she aims to instil her philosophy of self belief and trust in others, to help students develop and achieve their goals in both the academic and co-curricular streams.

Holly is excited to be part of a cohesive and tight knit group of seniors, all of whom are eager to inject their positivity into Scots PGC College to ensure they leave a legacy of pride and ambition once they depart.

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