Southern Downs Regional Council reinforced its commitment to supporting the local business sector when Mayor Vic Pennisi signed the Small Business Friendly Councils Charter (SBFC) with Queensland Small Business Commissioner, Maree Adshead on 20 May.

In signing the declaration, Council formally acknowledges the charter’s guidelines to engage, promote and further develop the contributions of small businesses and pledges to be mindful of pertinent issues and priorities when making decisions for the local community.

Mayor Pennisi said he is looking forward to the renewed collaboration between Council and the small business sector and flagged that the signing of the charter would open new doors for economic development across the region. “Not only do small businesses compliment the economic activity of large organisations by providing the backbone of the supply chains of larger projects, but they are the gateway through which many people enter the economy,” Mayor Pennisi said. “I am looking forward to growing our engagement with the small business community and facilitating more positive outcomes that further benefit the region’s prosperity and sustainability,” he said.

Queensland Small Business Commissioner, Maree Adshead welcomed the Southern Downs Regional Council to the Small Business Council Friendly family. Ms Adshead said, “Signing the charter today is not an endorsement of having arrived at a destination. It is about recognising and valuing the role that small businesses play in this region, recognising that the small business community has a huge job ahead of it in terms of driving Queensland’seconomy and understanding the Council’s role in enabling that is really critical.”

By signing the SBFC Charter, Council agrees to a greater focus on helping small businesses to grow and employ more local people, increased access to tools and resources to support business recovery and resilience simplified administration and regulation, increased opportunities to promote and showcase your business and greater access to fair procurement and prompt payment terms.

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