Forget a bar where everybody knows your name; Burrow is a café that welcomes you as though it were your second home.

Opening in August 2018, owners Natascha (Tasch) Egger and Clemence (Clem) Demouzon say while their food philosophy is integral to Burrow’s success, so too is the culture they are fostering. Friendly, casual and feel good, it is the atmosphere and sense of community that makes the teal framed eatery a favourite with locals. “Burrow is a place where it feels nice to hang out, where you can resource yourself, and then get on with the rest of your day. Where you can see familiar faces and have a chat, or just keep to yourself and stare out the window. Whatever makes you feel happy,” Clem said.

Wanting a tree change, Egger and Demouzon moved to Toowoomba five years ago. “We had family in the garden city, so it made sense to leave Brisbane for a more relaxed lifestyle,” Demouzon said. “Burrow has come to life because Toowoomba has matured into this multi-cultural place where people from different walks of life converge and bring their own views, skills and drive to the picture.”

It seems these two were almost destined to be successful café owners. Hospitality is in the blood for Tasch, who has sampled it all for more than 25 years. She has worked as a kitchen hand, barista, front of house manager, chef and now business owner. Demouzon has a background in graphic design, and has moved on from her role as an art director to Burrow, “something obviously much more hands on and really exciting!”

Serving breakfast, brunch and lunch, the duo say their culinary inspiration comes from many a place. “Tasch has always loved food, and it runs in the family. Her parents owned a successful eatery in the 1980s when she was a child on the Gold Coast, and her sister Ange is our baker,” Clem said. Asian influences are evident throughout the menu, thanks to Egger’s work early in her career in an Asian restaurant. “Tasch’s father is Austrian, and I am French, so there is obviously a European touch as well,” Clem said. The menu follows the seasons with ever-changing specials, inspiring Egger to create new dishes and acquire more knowledge.

The heart of the menu, though, is grounded in the duo’s desire to make people feel welcome and happy. “At the end of the day, it’s about cooking things that we know will resonate with our customers just as they do with us: food that reminds you of places and people, or of childhood memories. We serve fresh, flavoursome comforting food, in a comfortable setting,” Demouzon said.

Extending their welcoming, community spirit beyond the café walls, Egger and Demouzon source produce locally wherever they can. “We want to support the local community, very well knowing that we will do much more in the future,” Demouzon said. “We want to keep working on creating a small family owned business that is truly part of the community and local café scene.”

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