The cooler months can be a great time to show off your home’s cosy, family-friendly charm. Many agents advocate that the best time to sell is in the ‘Spring Selling Season’. But for some properties – think Toowoomba’s cute and cosy cottages… there are a number of real advantages to selling in Winter. Where Spring and Summer selling is all about balmy breezes and outdoor living, the cold brings the family indoors. Homes with family-friendly features, well-designed indoor living spaces and good heating will present well.

Use clever lighting 
On darker Winter days, there may not be much natural light. Clean windows so they gleam, pull back the curtains and turn on all the lights. Using mirrors to reflect light is also a great pro tip for making your home look brighter and lighter.

Winter staging tricks
Rich textiles can be used to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Thick blankets on couches and beds will look inviting and cosy, use attractive floor rugs to take the chill off floors, light candles to throw a delicious scent and glow. Always remember to de-clutter!

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace – use it. If not, use air conditioning to create a warm, comfortable temperature. Warmth will help put buyers at ease.
Try to check weather forecasts and pick days and times for inspections where the sun is high and no storms predicted. Remember, that while Winter selling might have its challenges, you will also enjoy the benefit of being amongst fewer homes for sale. Really aim to up the cosy factor, make the most of Winter features to create an inviting oasis from the chill outdoors and make your home stand out.

Words by Jen Taylor of Jen Taylor Properties