With water sustainability for the region high on her agenda, Inglewood grazier and small business owner Shelley Rielly has thrown her hat into the ring for the upcoming Local Government elections in Goondiwindi.

Community-minded and down to earth, Shelley is standing as a councillor for the Goondiwindi Regional Council, on March 28. At 53, Shelley is passionate about the growth of rural towns and wants to future-proof her region to its full potential, to ensure the Goondiwindi district remains prosperous and vibrant. Shelley and her husband, Ken, operate a small timber milling business on their Greenup property, south east of Inglewood, as well as running a commercial Droughtmaster herd. They know, first hand, the challenges faced each day by people living and working in rural and regional areas.“I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, am motivated, open-minded and honest, and that’s what we need in today’s Local Government scene,” Shelley said.

Shelley has been a hard working volunteer for many clubs and associations over many years, and is dedicated to any cause close to her heart. Another string to Shelley’s bow, is the Greenup Meeting Place, previously the Greenup State School, which was purchased by her family and has been renovated into a rural wedding/function venue, which attracts bookings on a regular basis. She believes people living in rural and regional areas need to diversify and challenge themselves to think outside the box, in order to continue to experience the lifestyle once experienced in years gone by.

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