Sick children and their families in the Toowoomba Hospital had their day brightened, when they were given their own special Toowoomba Show paired with entertainment and gifts on Monday 4 February.

The Toowoomba Hospital Foundation partnered with the Darling Downs Show Society to bring the sick children much appreciated entertainment, showbags and free show passes to spread a dose of joy to those who need it most. Joining the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation was John Koehler, President of the Darling Downs Show Society and Sarah Wilson, Darling Downs Show Girl, in the endeavour to bring the show to the sick children in the lead up to the annual event.

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation CEO Alison Kennedy said it was wonderful for John and Sarah to bring a little bit of the Toowoomba Royal Show to children in the Hospital. “It’s never any fun being sick in hospital and we really appreciate the efforts of our community in helping to bring smiles and happy memories to kids who aren’t feeling the best,” she said. “John has been bringing a little bit of the Toowoomba Show to the Hospital for many years, and it seems we can’t even keep him away in his retirement! A big thank you to John and Sarah for taking the time to hand out goodie bags to the kids.”

The Toowoomba Show is a highlight on the annual events calendar for the region and will be celebrated this year from 28 to 30 March. A variety of family friendly activities will be featured throughout the weekend, showcasing local producers, artisans, schools and businesses.

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Featured image: Alex Mackay, Noah Pukollas & Sarah Wilson