Feather & Lawry Gallery presents artists Kendall, Febe Zylstra and Lynn Munday for its Spring Showcase Three, on display from Friday 31 August to Friday 5 October.

Febe Zyltra’s artworks are a fusion of representative, expressionism and narrative, constantly evolving, part confessional, part re?ective and part observation. Febe’s emotions, memories, immediate surroundings and the human condition inspire her art a lot. Figurative pieces are up front and centre in this exhibition, some accompanied with birds or other symbolic references. She has revisited working predominately in oils as well as incorporating sand, bitumen and other mixed media materials to give these new pieces added texture and interest.

Kendall’s artwork is eclectic and electric. A tapestry of colours, textures and subjects are the inspiration behind Kendall’s works in Showcase Three. “Throwing caution to the wind” is Kendall’s trademark style and these exciting new creations are no different, they promise to tickle the taste buds and tantalize the eyes.

Lynn Munday’s paintings are inspired by the colours and contrasts of the Australian landscape. She uses bright colours to paint in an Impressionistic and Semi-Abstract style. Her medium is mostly acrylic and she paints landscapes from recalled memories and uses sketches and photos taken from various road trips. Lynn likes the challenge of painting the same scene in different sizes, styles or colours.

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