‘Connecting’ is the word that guides everything Louise Tait does at her Warwick art studio and shop — Studio Style Inside Out.

“It’s a powerful word for me at the moment,” said Louise. “We’re so disconnected, and we need to reconnect. When I was 13, my father committed suicide, so mental health is very important to me. And art, being creative, is so good for the soul. It’s a happy place for me. You see a softness come over people. Even though art can be so damn frustrating, it’s a process. And even the biggest mistake can be the most beautiful thing.”

Through her studio, Louise creates opportunities for personal healing and reconnection by offering an assortment of inspiring artistic workshops for both children and adults. “This is a chance for everyone to put down their devices,” said Louise, “and just have a good old belly laugh and create a little community too.” She also supports local and other Australian artists by featuring their work in her shop. “I’m really passionate about Australia made, really good quality, handmade stuff,” said Louise. She loves scouring Etsy and MadeIt for new designers, and collaborating with local artists to create truly unique items to delight and inspire customers. “I get to be the voice for these designers,” said Louise. “I can tell a story with everything that I sell. And people love that. They’re able to connect with what they’re purchasing. It puts more meaning behind gifts.”

Studio Style Inside Out is a cheery store tucked inside a shopping centre built by her parents in 1973 — a place filled with happy memories of tree climbing and eating treats from the bakery and snack bar. Louise opened it after leaving a job that was stressing her to breaking point. She knew it was just the spot to create a place of healing and inspiration. “You just gotta do it,” she said, eyes sparkling, “and cry and laugh and smile and drink copious amounts of champagne. I’m lucky that I was strong enough to cry it out, that it was just the process I was going through to get where I am now.”

Louise got busy cleaning everything in sight, putting up shelves, and filling them with the most beautiful, handcrafted, Australian made items she could find. On workshop nights, she clears a big space in the middle, and sets up table, chairs and easels for her guests to embrace their inner Frida or get their hands dirty making bath bombs. Some workshops she schedules herself, while others are booked out by clients wanting a unique experience for a hen’s party, birthday shindig or a creative way to get the kids out of the house during school holidays. “I love being in here,” Louise said, looking around happily at a space filled with items that thrill and inspire her. “There are nights I could just sleep here because I like it so much. Thank you, Universe! I’m meant to be doing this.”

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