A Toowoomba husband and wife will be the first ever guest co-speakers at this year’s Mayoral Prayer Breakfast at Rumours International.

CatholicCare Social Services South West Queensland Director Kate Venables and her husband, Anglican Bishop for the Western Region Cameron Venables, will share the stage at the Mayoral fundraiser. The couple draws on an impressive work history across social services, teaching and theology in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio said he is looking forward to the event and their presentation and seeing how they dedicate themselves to the care of others. “Kate and Cameron, who have three adult children, are dedicated to helping people across our community through their respective leadership and pastoral roles,” Mayor Antonio said. “I look forward to hearing about how they deliver their caring services and how other residents might be able to offer assistance in some way.”

The Mayor has also announced proceeds from the 27th annual function will be donated to Hear and Say and Eva’s Place. “Our region is fortunate to have numerous support services that assist people who are experiencing difficulties in different aspects of their lives,” said Mayor Antonio. “These organisations also organise and support a range of activities that add greater richness to our lives, especially for young people, migrants who are settling in our city and senior citizens.”

“The Mayoral Prayer Breakfast has the distinction of being one of the few events of its kind in Australia that is completely supported by its home businesses and organisations with proceeds delivered back to a chosen charity,” Mayor Antonio said. “The function highlights the everyday work of many community and charity groups that often goes unnoticed by the wider community.”

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