For me, Spring means two things – gorgeous warmth and new additions to my dress collection.

“But you already have a dress!” Neil would exclaim when I bring home a new dress that I’ve picked up in my lunch break. Men will never learn.

I’m excited to ditch the black tops, grey pants, big coats and heavy knitted scarves and exchange for pastel colours, cute accessories and sandals.

This year I’m looking for something unique and different. Flattering cuts, style and designs. I’m a fan of bold prints, big colours and finding something that I will truly love.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to spend too much time shopping. I have to shop with a purpose, have some sort of an idea of what it is that I am looking to buy.

Usually I get sick of shopping before I buy anything, and other times I will find three or four pieces that are exactly what I’m after. My family will want to come shopping with me when I find something really cool –“You always find nice dresses!”

Last weekend I headed to the first of hopefully many Twilight markets at Painted Lady Boutique on Alderley Street. I bought Crave Cupcakes, fudge and gorgeous origami flowers from Threefold and I looked around Vanessa’s gorgeous collection.

Oh so many dresses. I wanted to buy them all!

I highly recommend you check out Painted Lady’s collection and head along to her next Twilight market to be held just before Christmas.

Until next time…

Carrie xx