St Joseph’s College Captains Mitchell Berg and Jemma Bradshaw are striving for excellence and creating a welcoming school environment to leave a lasting legacy when they graduate later this year.

The Seniors started their journey at St Joseph’s in 2016, even sitting in the same Year 7 classroom together. Five years later, both were excited to be selected as Captains. Jemma, who’s heavily involved in netball and extra-curricular activities said she’s proud of the leadership and service they’ve demonstrated so far. “Our main goal is to create a culture where all students are extremely proud of the things they achieve and are proud to be called up on stage at assembly,” she said.

Mitch also commits himself to a number of College activities, ranging from the trumpet in Junior School to touch football now. “Pretty much any sporting activity that came up I’ve tried to be a part of,” he said.

Jemma and Mitch have demonstrated their personal growth by representing the St Joseph’s community with pride at various College events and functions.  Now halfway through their final year, both say their public speaking and confidence has improved, and they feel settled into the roles.  Jemma is looking forward to the continual implementation of ‘The Joey’s Way’ initiative. “It’s a way for us to uphold the College values of Respect, Compassion, Endeavour, and Dignity, while inspiring the younger students to uphold these values as well,” she said.

After graduation, Jemma is considering a career in occupational therapy or sports science and Mitch wants to explore a trade in either electrical or refrigeration.  The College Captains are excited to continue leading by example, while inspiring next year’s Seniors to represent St Joseph’s College with pride.

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