As 2020 has been a challenging year, to say the least, St Joseph’s College in Toowoomba has been taking the initiative to focus on their student’s health following the recent R U OK? Day.

With Catholic Bishops in Australia encouraging faith communities, governments and students to make mental health a top priority this inspired the College to introduce well being activities to their students. The Rice House Leaders recently lead a range of activities to encourage wellbeing, mental health and conversations with classmates to ensure they were OK. With the unprecedented times surrounding us of late, St Joseph’s College believed it was important for students to stay connected and to support one another.

Students were invited to participate in four different activities during lunchtime throughout an entire week including meditation sessions, skipping competitions, personal training sessions and the mindfulness of colouring in. Sessions were also held on how to ask a peer R U OK? Which included tips on how to address complex situations.

Ben Gehrmann, Rice House Leader at St Joseph’s College, said it was great to see students participate in the activities recently. “Our student leaders were keen to provide opportunities for our community to connect and help out each other heading into exams in an unprecedented year of challenges,” Mr Gehrmann said.

“At St Joseph’s College, we want our students to embody ‘The Joey’s Way’ demonstrating our core values of respect, compassion, endeavour and dignity … R U OK day is a perfect opportunity to check in on our mates and have a conversation,” he concluded.

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