St Saviours College Captain and Vice Captain Zina Alexandra Dorado and Abigail Reuter could not wait to begin their journey at their new school. Both enrolled in Year 7 at St Saviour’s, where they already had family connections, and believe the college has engrained a sense of integrity in them that has made them proud to represent the school that has given them so much.

Year 12 Residential Captain Kayley Watson has had a different journey. Enrolling last year in 2019 from Taroom, she has relished the opportunity to finish her high school studies at a College that allows girls the opportunity to continue practising their faith. Being the leaders of the College has provided these young women with the opportunity to enhance many of their leadership skills and improve the school in aspects where possible.

“This year our team has encouraged participation and involvement of students, so we grow school spirit and the school’s presence within the community. We have led by example, being raw and authentic with the students, to show them that failure leads to success and you must find strength and resilience in times of adversity,” Abigail said.

“Our student leadership team have put the other students at the forefront of our work and pledged to give our school community the most opportunities we can, whilst bringing enjoyment and involvement into all we do.  We believe our student leadership has helped our community become a strong and cohesive one.”

The captains have set a magnificent example during their tenure so far and St Saviour’s looks forward seeing what they can achieve as the year continues.

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