When embarking on 2020 as St Ursula’s College Captain, Grace Bowman never imagined what a defining year that this would be for herself and the Senior Leadership Team. Together the team of 16 student leaders has navigated the ever-changing landscape of the school year whilst delivering the theme 2020: Women of the World (WOW) to life this year.

“This guiding theme has acted as a strategic plan for our leadership team in implementing a range of focuses, challenges and initiatives each term,” Grace said. “So far, we have focused on serving our community, including preparing care packages for elderly and isolated neighbours, whilst also creating a range of initiatives to build on the supportive environment of St Ursula’s College in developing individual confidence and empowerment of all women.”

Along with the Senior Leadership Team, Grace was a driving force of the Yellow Ribbon Campaign for Hope which has gained traction internationally. “This initiative commenced at the peak of the COVID-19 crisis and has encouraged hundreds of communities to put yellow outside their homes or wear the colour to symbolise that we are hope filled people and all united in these unprecedented times.

“We believe that spreading hope can connect and ignite compassion within our community. The future may be uncertain but there is certainty in the united and optimistic attitude of the St Ursula’s community.”

Grace is aiming to study a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Philosophy commencing in 2021, followed by a Theatre Directing Masters, with ambitions to pursue a career in theatre-making.

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