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Destination Southern Downs (DSD) General Manager Marrion Carrick, Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre Staff Member Jane Miller, Volunteer Visitor Ambassador Peter Martin, and DSD Visitor Information Services Coordinator Karan Orr

This year community effort and good will is recognised as the Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre takes TripAdvisor’s Award for Excellence of 2016.

Praised by locals and travellers alike, the centre serves as a vital resource to those seeking to venture the vast landscape of the Granite Belt and taste the wines which make it famous.

TripAdvisor gives out their Award for Excellence specifically to those accommodations, attractions and restaurants that consistently receive high-rated reviews from thankful patrons.

Staffed almost entirely by volunteers, the centre has earned a reputation for being friendly and helpful to those looking to find their way around Stanthorpe’s regional area. This is a sentiment frequently held by many of the reviews and feedback given on the TripAdvisor website. - Highlife Magazine - Excellence Award

Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre

“As we haven’t been to Stanthorpe for a while, we called in to this Information Centre to ask directions. What a bonus to [encounter] friendly and very helpful staff. They went out of their way to explain how to get to certain attractions and marked them on a map for us,” said user LoeyLogan, whose 5-star review received a joyous response by the staff.

Only the top 10 percent of TripAdvisor businesses receive an Award of Excellence, and must meet a strict criteria to be eligible for consideration. - Highlife Magazine - Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre

Words by Zac Burns
Images by Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre
Images of exterior by Cory Rossiter