Toowoomba is maintaining strong and relevant industry skills at the Local Legends event hosted by TAFE Queensland. The event will focus on the latest hairdressing techniques, viewing their purpose-built hairdressing facilities, and networking with other local hairdressers.

The two guest artists Gay Hold (Jazzy Lane Hair Studio) and Vanessa Rhode (Profile Hair Design) will be showcasing their latest hairdressing techniques on the night. Local businesses are encouraged to take part in the evening to ensure the region is equipped with all the latest cutting edge skills.

Jazzy Lane Hair Studio was founded by Gay Hold in 2011 and since has firmly established a reputation as an outstanding business, industry leader, and workplace for training excellence. Hold ensures Jazzy Lane Hair Studio is heavily involved with the community in many ways, such as; being involved in Hair Aid, creating a low-stimulation salon experience for those with sensory needs called Tranquil Trim and founder of Project School Formal helping disadvantaged teenagers get to their formal by supplying dresses and hair and makeup. The team at Jazzy Lane Hair Studio is built up of hair experts and two ladies with disabilities which have proven to be a very rewarding experience.

The team at Profile is led by Vanessa who has been a hairdresser for more than 16 years and has owned Profile for the past 8 years. The vision to create a salon that delivers each client an ‘experience’ rather than just a service is what drives Vanessa and the team at Profile. Vanessa has gathered a team of hair experts each with their own area of specialty but all with the same purpose. To create beautiful hair that inspires confidence not only in how a woman looks but confidence in recreating the look themselves at home. As local industry leaders, Profile Hair Design has had a hand in education within the industry, the most recent of which was an invitation to present on Centre Stage at the Brisbane Hair and Beauty Expo 2019.

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