The Streetwear Staples Your Boyfriend Needs This Season

When you are out with your boyfriend, you want to be sure that you both look your best. Even if your other half has a great sense of style, you will no doubt be able to fine-tune his look with a few delicate touches. Your boyfriend needs to have the right pieces in his wardrobe in order for a more streetwear inspired look to be on point. There are a few key staples that every streetwear-inspired wardrobe needs. Aussie brands like Culture Kings have a fantastic range to choose from and are a great place to seek inspiration as to what the most up-to-date fashions are.

It’s important to remember that fashion is an opportunity to express one’s self. Everyone has different tastes and trying to force someone into a look that they don’t feel comfortable in is never a good idea. When it comes to streetwear, they may feature components of this trend in their outfits or they might go all-in. Make sure that you are there to help your boyfriend achieve the look that he wants and avoid micromanaging how he dresses. With the right approach, you can ensure that your boyfriend has everything he needs to rock his best streetwear look with confidence.

Let’s take a look at a few streetwear staples that your boyfriend should have in his wardrobe this season.

A Pair Of Sneakers 

Sneakers are the foundation of streetwear fashion. Many people would argue that everything “streetwear” stems from the shoe designs, while others would go so far as to say that without sneakers, there would be no streetwear. Every streetwear enthusiast needs at least one solid pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. In actuality, most streetwear advocates will have a collection of sneakers to choose from. Sneakers are essential in streetwear culture so make sure that your boyfriend has at least one solid pair in his wardrobe this season.

Double Down On Denim

Every streetwear enthusiast needs a solid collection of denim in their wardrobe. Not only that, but denim should be in every compartment of that wardrobe. You need to have a go-to pair of denim jeans that go with everything. And, no streetwear enthusiast’s wardrobe would be complete without a versatile denim jacket that can be worn on just about any occasion. In the world of streetwear, denim is essential if you want to be taken seriously by your fashion peers.

Let’s Think Layers 

Graphic adorned t-shirts, patterned button-down shirts, comfy hoodies and laid-back tops should all be staples in any streetwear wardrobe. In streetwear, the label is crucial so don’t shy away from tops where the label is loud and proud. You can also go for band t-shirts and hoodies or hit up the opp shop to search for vintage t-shirts, bomber jackets or zip-up tops. Having different bases for layers is key to tying together any streetwear look so be sure to have a few options at your disposal.

Boot Up

While there’s no denying that sneakers are the basis of streetwear, boots come a close second in the footwear department. Any self-respecting streetwear enthusiast will have a pair of boots that they can slip into when they’re out and about. These boots are typically the “no-frills” variety with a utilitarian or military feel to them. Combat or work-style boots are often the inspiration for this type of footwear, although brands such as Doc Martens and Timberlands tend to be favoured by those with more of a budget.

Styling The Sweats 

Not every day is jeans and printed tee kind of day. Sometimes, you just want to kick back and relax in something that is a little more comfortable. In recent years, sweat pants have found their way into mainstream fashion and have become a staple in the world of streetwear. There are countless different styles, colours and brands to choose from. If you’re not sure which way to go, simply go for your favourite brand and go for a neutral colour such as dark grey or black so you have a solid foundation for your more relaxed streetwear look.

Ensure Your Boyfriend Has What He Needs To Dress For Success This Season 

There are more options available than ever before when it comes to streetwear fashion. If your boyfriend wants to put his best foot forward in the world of streetwear, he needs to have the right staples in his wardrobe. The list above is a great place to get started. Once he has these pieces, he will be able to pair different looks together and create new outfits with ease. Over time, together, you can add more pieces to the collection, giving your partner even more options when it comes to dressing up to look his best. In no time, your boyfriend will be the best-dressed man, everywhere you go.