The Glennie School Captain in 2013 is Year 12 student Sophie Fitzgerald, who has excelled at the school. Her connection with Glennie began with her great grandmother who attended in the early 1900s.

Sophie’s appointment to leadership roles such as School Captain, Sports Captain and Swimming Captain have been greatly assisted by her learning experiences at the Student Leadership Conference in Sydney in January run by Rising Generations (RG) and the Alliance of Girls Schools. The conference brought together approximately 150 student leaders from girls schools across Australia and internationally. “The Conference gave me the confidence and strength to become all I can be and set guidelines for me to become the best leader possible,” Sophie shares. “It also gave me the courage to give a speech on the final night at our conference dinner in front of all of the girls, RG, the Alliance of Girls Schools along with some of the principals of other girls schools.” Sophie was one of two girls at the conference selected to speak. “There were many memorable moments,” she adds. ”I learnt how to work effectively in a team but remain independent and gained many valuable life lessons. If only it lasted longer!”

Sophie is an inspiring individual and a vital member of The Glennie School. She has represented the Darling Downs in swimming, netball, touch football, triathlons, water polo, athletics, and also represented Queensland in Rugby 7s, U18s in 2012.

And just like a true born leader, her future plans involve helping others and especially those who are suffering. Sophie aims to gain a degree in Occupational Therapy so she can work with children diagnosed with serious illnesses or cancer in an institution similar to Captain Starlight and the Starlight Foundation.