Siblings Barbara Codrington and Jeff Goodwin have thrown caution to the wind and opened a boutique homeware and gift store in St George that is a reflection of their personal style and a love of all things beautifully crafted.

If you were not looking closely you might miss their store, On Grey, tucked away in a quiet street in St George. Those who know about this rare find are raving about the wares that are lovingly handselected to create a range that is truly unique and special.

Both nurses by profession, Barbara Codrington and her brother, Jeff Goodwin, have always dreamt of opening a store together. “Jeff and I have always been close. As a child he would drag me to art galleries, funky cafes and exhibitions in the city and my appreciation and taste has stemmed from these early experiences,” says Barbara, who has lived in St George for most of her life.

A recent trip to New York was the catalyst that motivated Barbara and Jeff to take the plunge and open a store. “We love to travel and I draw a lot of inspiration from visits overseas,” says Barbara. “When the opportunity presented to rent this shop, I knew that it was the sign that we should do something about making things happen as we were really waiting for the ‘right’ building and space.”

A true family affair, the duo’s father, Wayne Goodwin, was called in to help renovate. “Poor Dad – he was a bit unsure about our style,” says Barbara with a giggle. “He was quite aghast that we were using ‘all of this old stuff’ in our decorating.” The counter and the main display table are crafted from salvaged wood from an old shearing shed found on the property, Heatherleigh, near St George. “I put a post on Facebook and hours later I had my rustic-look wood!”

The store opened on 12/12/12 (just for fun) and Barbara and Jeff have been overwhelmed by the support from their customers that extends as far away as Melbourne. Jeff resides in Brisbane and he is forever “on the hunt” for interesting artefacts which sometimes include finds from markets, vintage stores as well as roadside collectables restored back to life. A penchant for raw, handmade and hard-to-find items set the theme at On Grey with locally produced artwork and handcrafted creations available. Takeaway coffee is popular and each week a gourmet line of sweets and cakes are supplied by a local home-based speciality baker.

“There is just no excuse not to be fabulous,” laughs Barbara, who is already planning next season’s shop makeover which will involve a splash of new colour here and there and novel decorating ideas.

Words by Kerryn Suttor | Images by Dana Gluzde