The recent Highlife Downs Living Magazine Summer fashion shoot was a big event. With five models to groom and dress we certainly didn’t make it easy for our hair, makeup and styling teams! But  we knew they’d all come through because we chose truly talented professionals (some would call them magicians!).

Here’s a look behind the scenes into the world of  hair, makeup, wardrobe and photography … We have another behind the scenes gallery for interior styling coming up soon …



With five models and five stylists, the Platinum Hair Stylists salon at The Range Shopping Centre was pumping from 7am. The Platinum team was so enthusiastic because they’ve worked on quite a few fashion shoots and catwalk events including a parade for Alex Perry and most recently for a big L’Oreal parade in Brisbane. They were eager to put the latest looks into Highlife Downs Living Magazine – lucky us! The girls looked amazing! And we were super impressed with their concentration, skill, speed and overall good humour.



Transformations are nothing short of magical under the palette and brush of makeup artist Kylie Nolan. She is based in Toowoomba and is one of the city’s favourite hair and makeup stylists for fashion shoots, filming, weddings, formals and big social occasions. Her work speaks for itself – have a look at  www.modelmayhem.com/KylieNolan. If you’d like to contact Kylie here’s her email address: kylienolan@yahoo.com.au



Carolyn Taylor Smith has worked in fashion for more than 25 years. She’s an haute couture designer in her own right and has also worked for USQ designing costumes for many theatrical productions including Shakespeare in the Park. Carolyn is well-known as the stylist for Grand Central in Toowoomba. She also has a great relationship with fashion outlets across the city. For our Summer fashion shoot Carolyn worked with her own selections and also with individual retailer’s selections to choose outfits that would be perfect on our lovely models. And they were!  Toni Pawlyszyn works closely with Carolyn and was kind enough to come along and join the fun at our shoot.



We were very excited to have the opportunity to work with Theresa Hall Photography. Theresa has been making waves in the world of fashion photography and her work is often seen in Fashion Weekly. Check out her Facebook page and you’ll see what we mean. Theresa’s husband Simon Hall (who has had work published in Highlife Downs Living for many years) wanted to assist but he wasn’t needed and was sent home (hee hee). We were also lucky to also have Emily Yseult Taylor taking photos and Sarah Elsley from James Cook University on work experience with us. Both girls took oodles of amazing photos of behind the scenes and other stuff.

Words by Ally Martell | Images by Sarah Elsley and Emily Yseult Taylor