Don’t let the sun set on your summer style, it’s the perfect time to reinvigorate your wardrobe and freshen up your summer wardrobe before Autumn sets in.

Grand Central Marketing Manager Marieke Bridgeman said if you’re looking to revitalise your wardrobe, there’s good news, as a carefully chosen end of summer wardrobe will make the transition into the coming autumn season seamless. The first tip Ms Bridgeman shares is to pair tones together. It has always been a classic look, pairing neutral tones, and selecting a bold print and seasonal colour will give this classic look a modern edge. As the cooler months roll in, a blazer is a must have, and is easily paired with tailored shorts and a summer graphic tshirt.

Ms Bridgeman said Summer 2020 is less about pastels and more about amplified neutrals in shades that match the Australian landscape, taking us back to nature. “Varying shakes and hues of greens, rusts and yellows are at the forefront and will add a sense of warmth and enduring style to any outfit”, she said. “For those who prefer a little more pop, the good news is that you will find neon hints among this palette to brighten your day.”

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