Susan Lyons loves animals. Practice manager at Toowoomba’s Herriot House Veterinary Surgery, her job brings her into constant contact with pets and their owners. Trained as a midwife, and spending much of her working life practising midwifery at many Queensland hospitals including St Vincent’s Hospital, caring is in her nature.

In the coming months, Susan along with her husband Peter and partners Peter and Jenny Noble will launch their new venture, Herriot Hounds on Herries, a doggy day care service. Dog owners will be able to leave their pets at the Herriot Hounds for the day, where they can play with humans and other canine companions. Grooming services will also be available, as well as a puppy pre school for training puppies.

Susan says Herriot Hounds will be a one-stop shop for dogs. The idea for Herriot Hounds came from Susan’s Herriot House customers. Dogs, she said, can become lonely when left at home all day, causing problems with barking, animals escaping and complaints to the council.

Her doggy day care will provide an alternative for pet owners. Throughout her life, Susan has had many pets, including dogs, cats, show ponies and cockatoos. She looks forward to playing with the Herriot Hounds, caring for them as she would her own animals.

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