Toowoomba will be joining with more than 50 cities from around the world to pitch business ideas that tackle one of the largest challenge of our times, sustainability.

Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Creatives from across Australia will gather together in Toowoomba, to participate in the 2019 Global Sustainable Revolution Startup Weekend

The weekend will allow people to pitch their business ideas, and teams will be formed around the most popular ideas. The groups will work collaboratively across the weekend and will be guided by mentors, guest speakers and a panel of sustainable influencers. At the completion of the weekend, teams will pitch their ideas again in front of the judges to win prizes and enter into the Global Challenge, where participants will have the chance to pitch their ideas to potential investors.

The focus of this event will be sustainable products and solutions to help make real changes for humanity and the planet. Participants are encouraged to have a go, even if they do not have any ideas of their own, by being part of a team and learning how to create a business in one weekend. Anyone with a desire to learn, contribute, grow, lead, help or be a part of a community of change makers, is welcome to participate. Startup Weekend Toowoomba believes that supporting entrepreneurship and creating local initiatives will have huge global impact.

Startup Weekend Toowoomba is run in partnership with Techstars and Google for Startups, and supported locally by a number of local companies, in order  to facilitate one of the biggest sustainable entrepreneurial movements around the world.