When Sally-Jean Sattler decided to throw caution to the wind in search of adventure on the open roads of Australia she discovered more than she had anticipated.

Sattler left her familiar surroundings in her 1976 Kombi Van and encountered lifestyle diversity and memorable experiences. The people she met and places she visited fuelled her creative instinct and Gypsy & Jean The Label was born. “The inspiration for the label was drawn directly from my own exciting but unpredictable lifestyle and the desire to create something unique, versatile and sustainable,” Sattler said.

Based on the Western Downs, Gypsy & Jean designs a range of versatile and functional clothing for women. “When I began designing and the business evolved my mission was to create well appointed, quality products — everyday pieces that could be worn simply, easily accessorised and were perfect for packing,” Sattler said. Gypsy & Jean seamlessly incorporates femininity with function aligning with the everlasting charm of the country.

Designs are influenced by the beauty of Australia, with Sattler drawing inspiration from her own country upbringing. “Being raised in the country taught me a lot about style, not so much fashion,” she said.  “We never left the house in unironed clothes and it taught me the value of a staple wardrobe considering the closest boutique was hours away.”

Beyond the label, Sattler says she is creating something bigger and hopes her brand has a positive impact on the fashion industry broadly. Gypsy & Jean is environmentally aware, adhering to the ethos of slow fashion. Timeless designs are used to create mix and match pieces with enduring style. Sattler is also a strong advocate for supporting local. “I try to support the rural economy and create opportunity which otherwise wouldn’t be available.  For example, we use local ladies as models, local photographers and videographers, and local venues for fashion shows.” She cites Australia as an inspiration and guiding light in everything she creates. “Our collections are designed 100 per cent in Australia and our photo campaigns are shot showcasing the diversity of Australia, highlighting the beauty and treasures Australia offers.” Sattler says she enjoys bringing something new to the community and showcasing new products which she hopes will encourage like-minded connections and communication.

One year on from the first stitch of an idea, Gypsy & Jean is thriving. As the label grows and new pieces are added to the collection, Sattler remains connected and grounded in the country and enjoys being back with her family. “During my career I was fortunate enough to experience and live many different lifestyles but there is no feeling like returning home to the comfort of country living.” She tries to bring the best of what she has learned to influence and improve everyday living and style, sharing this with her customers and audience. “Seeing Gypsy & Jean designs come to life on customers is the
ultimate reward.”

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