Synergy Accountants are pleased to announce they raised over $6,400 for the AEIOU foundation in the lead up to the annual “Take a Hike” event.

“AEIOU supports children with Autism which now affects 1 in 68 children, there is no cure and what really helps is early intervention,” stressed Angie Gordon, Synergy partner. “AEIOU experiences a $10,000 funding gap for each child in the program every year, which is why it is so important to increase community awareness.”

In a bid to raise the awareness of AEIOU and educate the wider community on how easy it is to make a difference to the lives of those affected by Autism, Synergy ran a community Sausage Sizzle, a Gourmet BBQ and a local business Hot Cross Bun drive.

To conclude the ‘Take a Hike Toowoomba’ event, three teams from Synergy Accountants undertook the 40km hike, along with 200 other walkers. Although tired and sore after the hike, Synergy agreed this event made them more aware of the hardships experienced every day by those affected by Autism.

Synergy Accountants continue to accept donations for AEIOU. Please visit Synergy Supports AEIOU Facebook page or contact Stacey from Synergy Accountants on (07) 4632 4588 to make a donation.