Camels are returning to the small town of Tara for the biennial Tara Festival of Culture and Camel Races from Friday, 4 August to Sunday, 6 August. Along with the animals, Tara will welcome more than 12,000 visitors for the classic country event with a multicultural twist.

The camel races are the main attraction of the three day event, but the tracksides will host an eclectic mix of cultural entertainment on the tracksides. Festivalgoers will encounter street performers, cuisine, art workshops, and entertainment from across the globe, an extraordinary experience to find in a small, inland country town.

While colourful and exotic cultures feature prominently, the program also delivers on the classic Aussie festival fun. The nonstop program includes bush poetry, yabbie races, nightly campfires, and, of course, the unpredictability of the camels in the races themselves.

“Even we don’t know what to expect from our camel racing competitors, or the yabbie races for that matter, but that’s the fun of it. Both creatures can be a bit unpredictable, so you may back a camel who runs in the opposite direction, or punt on a yabbie that does a sprint, all be it slow motion, for the finish line,” said Festival President Richard Thornbury.

With as much as 100 acres of camping spots to choose from, visitors pulling a caravan, or travelling with an RV, camper van, or tent, can pick their spot and make a comfortable home base from which to experience the antics and attractions the festival has to offer.

“We are incredibly proud of how our small community pulls together this country event,” said Thornbury.

“It’s very satisfying to see our local businesses booming that week, when usually they are doing it a bit tough here in the bush.”

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