Robert Louis Murphy first appeared as a contestant on cooking series My Kitchen Rules in 2015 with his daughter, Lynzey.

After introducing audiences to his Texan BBQ cooking, he decided to take his passion a step further by sharing recipes through his cookbook ‘Texan BBQ’.

Recipes rang from sticky ribs, juicy steaks, tender briskets, to lamb cutlets; handed down from his cattle-ranching ancestors. These recipes come along with a range of lip-smacking sides to accompany each meals.

Robert was raised in Breckenridge Texas and spent his youth hunting, fishing and cooking his own food in the outdoors. Post studying at universities in Texas,

he found himself back in the outdoors working as a cattle rancher, horse trainer and an oilfield worker. Self taught in the art of cooking, Robert is passionate about sharing his love of outdoor cooking, and his recipes from childhood.

Texan BBQ, New Holland Publishers RRP $45.00 available from all good bookstores or online.