Ben (18) and Jeremy (16) Beamish are not your average Toowoomba teenagers. For a start, this year alone they wrote the musical score for the 2018 Commonwealth Games sizzler reel, a song for the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation and performed on Channel Seven’s Sunrise. So just how do two teenage boys from Toowoomba end up writing the music for such major campaigns?

“It basically began when we created our company, Next Generation Music. We decided we would just rock up to all the Brisbane based advertising agencies, totally unannounced and perform in their foyers. It was complete guerrilla tactics but thankfully we received heaps of positive feedback. Luckily we had heaps of busking experience which helped build our confidence to do it.”

“Earlier this year we received a call out of the blue from BCM Advertising asking us if we wanted to write some music for the 2018 Commonwealth Games sizzler reel. It was so exciting but we weren’t allowed to tell anyone!”

“After the Commonwealth Games commercial, we were then asked to write a song for the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation. We couldn’t believe it, basically here we are, just a couple of kids from Toowoomba that got to be a part of something so incredible and so huge.”

Ben, who began playing the guitar at 10 years old and Jeremy, who has been singing his entire life, decided to become a duo two years ago. They started out performing feel-good pop covers by artists such as Ed Sheeran and posting videos on YouTube, but have naturally progressed to writing original songs which are getting thousands of views online.

As for their next challenge, the Beamish Boys are placing their focus into writing new music and are planning a video for their next original song, ‘Feeling the buzz. “Really, all we just want is to take everyday as it comes and keep making music.

“Hopefully it will take us somewhere. Sure it would be amazing to play in a stadium in front of thousands of people but we are just happy to be able to keep doing what we are doing.”

Young, passionate and driven, one thing is certain, The Beamish Boys are definitely ones to watch.

You can follow the Beamish Boys on their Facebook page where they post up new videos and songs as well as document every step in their exciting journey.


Words by Rachael Sechtig