Rural Australian artists are now receiving the support of art broker Outback Creative, an initiative kick-started by the yearning to share the beauty of the Australian outback.

The idea for Outback Creative sparked under a shady tree, when co-founder Ranald McMaster was living and working in outback Queensland. With more and more rural artists receiving positive responses on social media, and their online communities growing, McMaster could see potential to better publicise local artistic talent.

Ranald believed that a community of outback artists would be able to reach greater success if they united under a common banner, rather than advertising alone – and so Outback Creative was born.

Outback Creative’s Founder and Director Charles Devine says the business “pieces together Australia’s outback through the eyes of our artists.”

“Australia is well-known for our outback and well loved around the world. Our art captures the songs, sounds, and expressions that our outback is famous for and shares it with the world.”

Outback Creative online platform gives artists around-the-clock exposure, an opportunity they may not have had before collaborating with Devine and McMaster.

“The online platform gives exposure to our artists, but our business also offers to promote them through sponsorships. We don’t only help artists, but also rural and remote businesses as well,” Devine said.

Devine says that the platform is beneficial to the artists exposure.

“The challenge our artists face is that they are rural and can only sell locally,” he said.

“Some of our artist are so remote they don’t have very good phone reception. This platform stands to end that disconnect for them.

“We would like to capture a global audience for our artists, and also get their art the following they deserve. We think there is huge potential for the art to go overseas, but it might take us a year or two to get to that point.”

Art-lovers can view Outback Creative’s diverse array of talented artists on their website.

McMaster, Devine and colleague Mick Martin have set criteria for choosing artists to support, however they welcome representation enquires from the public.

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