Dr Andrew Rochford’s new book, The Reality Checkup: Finding the perfect non-perfect version of yourself, aims to provide straight-to-the-point guidance for the modern man. Written for men of all ages, the most common concerns addressed include exercise, diet, sleep, work, sex, stress, mental health, and body image.

Men all over the world make decisions everyday that impact their health, happiness and well being. In most circumstances, they are seemingly trivial decisions,but all of them ultimately affects how a man performs in his day-to-day life.

Avoiding any fads like fitness cults or kale juice diets, The Reality Checkup, will showcase how to make the right decisions for you.

“Men, me included, are very good at avoiding issues with their health for fear of getting an answer they don’t want to hear …Exercise, eat well, don’t ignore symptoms and follow screening guidelines,” said Rochford.

“Early detection saves lives. I stay active and fit, try not to drink too much alcohol and challenge my brain daily.”

Combining current scientific knowledge with the practicalities of life, Rochford draws on his expertise as a scientist, as a doctor and as a man.

In an entertaining and informative style, he uses current research to inform his readers on how to take a different approach to life’s decisions.

With advice on how to overcome daily obstacles, Rochford aims to guide men on how to become the perfect non-perfect version of themselves.

Rochford is a registered Australian Medical Practitioner with an undergraduate degree in Medical Science and a post graduate degree in Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery with honours. He has most recently worked as the 7 Network Health Editor, and has hosted, What’s Good For you, Amazing Medical Stories, You Saved My Life and The Project

The Reality Checkup New Holland Publishers is available from from $29.99.

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