When it comes to renovating anywhere, there are all kinds of things to be considered based on the specific place that needs to be renovated. If it is an apartment that needs to be renovated, the specifics are quite distinct from that of a stand-alone home because shared spaces in an apartment should also be considered.

Some neighbours might love to have a say in how you tend to renovate. Renovation of an apartment has its own challenges, so you should know what these challenges are and how to deal with them too.

Kindly bear in mind that whatever is written here subject to other perspectives, and it is quite subjective and objective in reasoning. Therefore, the piece is to serve as a guide to you on how you can renovate your apartment. So follow me as we carefully walk you through it.

1. Know the rules governing your area

First and foremost, the rules governing a particular area are very important, so you do not end up going against it. Find out about the corporate or ruling body that’s responsible for your apartment complex in terms of the approval to renovate. You can start by reviewing the strata By-laws as they usually contain every information of an apartment and if you can renovate it or not.

These details include what modifications are allowed or disallowed, the hours you are allowed to work around, the materials used in the apartment, installation of air conditioning or satellite, and what structural changes you can affect. The ones you can’t, etc. If it is the case that you cannot get the needed info from the By-laws, you can go to the building manager, the strata, or even the person in charge of the Corporate board.

2. Map out a plan for the renovation

Once you know the rules, you are to make a detailed scope of the work you plan to do, the estimated timeframe of the entire renovation, the drawing from a structural engineer, the designs you plan to use, the schedule of the fixtures, and so on.

In renovating your apartment, certain spaces must be included in the project. For instance, your bathroom, kitchen, flooring, and bedroom apartment layout are important. You are to get formal approval before going forward with your renovation plans.

3. Stay within a financial budget

Let’s say you want to renovate your kitchen, as it is one of the most important, the expenses might be up to $50,000. But if you are on a very tight budget and the basic parts of the kitchen are still in s good shape, so all that’s needed is a facelift.

You can simply consider changing the paint, sink, benchtop drawer, and anything you feel would make it look better. You can look around for possible sellers of the things you want to change. You can maximize your budget as much as possible.

Your bathroom is also a space that definitely needs renovation as it is one that wears out fast and easy due to how regularly it has been used. If you are not going to be doing a thorough renovation due to funds, or the bathroom is small, you can just fix the tiles, fittings, and certain fixtures.

The windows and lighting of your apartment are also important spaces that you might need to consider in your renovation plans. You could request funds from the corporate board if the apartment was met in bad condition before moving in at all.


Bear in mind that a full renovation is a very demanding activity that will demand a lot of money from you. However, you can opt for items that will allow you stay within your renovation plans and financial budget as you renovate your apartment.