Grand Central‘s cutting-edge parking system was revealed Thursday, 1 June. To celebrate the introductory period, all parking will be free until Wednesday, 14 June.

The new ticketless system is the last component of the significant car park upgrade as part of Grand Central’s $500 million transformation.

Grand Central Centre Manager Shaine Beveridge said the system provides a smarter and more streamlined method of parking, offering customers the best opportunity to quickly and easily find a parking space.

“From June 14, parking at Grand Central will be free for the first three hours, free for people with a disability parking permit  who register with us and free for customers entering the Centre after 6pm,” said Beveridge.

“Cinema patrons and customers who have spent over $150 during their visit to the Centre can also validate to receive free parking.”

Through the online process of registering licence plate details and authorising an automatic credit card charge if payment for parking is required, the need to stop at the exit to the car park is eliminated.

Beveridge said, on entry, the system uses licence plate recognition to track parking without the need for a paper ticket, meaning people will not need to fumble around in their pockets  and handbags while attempting to exit.

“When leaving the car park, customers who have spent less than three hours in the

centre can proceed straight to the exit where a camera will recognise licence plate details and the gate will automatically open,” he said.

“I encourage customers to visit our website or talk to our friendly Customer Service team if they have any question.”

“We have opened 2,000 additional car parks at Grand Central, which has doubled the car parking available at the centre to 4,000 car parks,” he said.

During the introductory period, customers should proceed directly to car park exits, where boom gates will open automatically to allow vehicles to pass through.

Customers are able to register here for ‘set and forget’ parking.

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