Tilman, an internationally recognised three-dimensional artist, will exhibit his latest project at Toowoomba’s RAYGUN gallery from today, Friday, April 1. Tilman has created the project, titled “The Image Is In Your Mind”, over the past week since arriving in Brisbane from his home in Nice, France, on Thursday, March 24. He says that the presentation explores the way the artist and viewer perceive and interpret visual information.

“The visual aspect of the idea manifests itself by way of a simple wood structure, which will span the various dimensions of the existing space,” Tilman says. “This creates a sort of maze meant to physically distract from the white exhibition space and from any preconceived notions or expectations of ‘looking at art’.”

Tilman transferred his attention from traditional painting to three-dimensional constructions almost two decades ago, after he became a co-founder and artistic director of the Centre of Contemporary Non-Objective Art in Brussels. Tilman cites the inspiration for the change as the illusionary qualities of light itself.

“I realised that the means of traditional painting, such as pigment, canvas and stretches, and the plane as the painting ground no longer offered me what I was after,” he says. “I wanted a solution to my basic research of the qualities and attributes of light per se. Reaching the understanding that light itself cannot be painted, only an image of it, albeit atmospheric, I came to the conclusion that painting is an illusion or has illusionistic qualities at the most.”

In response, Tilman now develops three-dimensional constructions that seek to apply light and colour across various structural forms.

Tilman has exhibited in art spaces across Europe, the United States, Japan, New Zealand and Australia after graduating from the Art Academy in Munich three decades ago. Toowoomba’s RAYGUN gallery will be the latest purveyor of his work.

Words by Taylah Danae Baggs
Images supplied