Carolyn Brown of Time Made is taking the ‘busyness’ out of business.

During more than two decades in government departments, Carolyn was witness to how negatively excessive work commitments affected her colleagues. From this insight, she created Time Made, a service which allows individuals and organisations across Toowoomba to outsource tasks and implement productivity processes.

“Work life balance seemed to be extremely difficult, if not impossible to achieve,” said Carolyn.

“I saw first hand how many senior executives were completely stressed with their work commitments – then they had to go home and start again!

“My Brisbane based sister said she had been working closely with a concierge, and this piqued my interest.”

“I met with the concierge, identified there was a gap for this service in Toowoomba, and the rest is history.”

Carolyn works with clients from a variety of industries, including solicitors, real estate agents and human services employees, as well as a range of small businesses. Her jobs can range from social media management to clearing deceased estates.

“As long as the task is legal and ethical, we can do it, source it, or arrange it.”

Although organisation may seem like an impossible task, Carolyn believes that simple strategies can make all difference in managing a person’s workload, and even improving their quality of life.

Working out what you do not need to do is just as important as scheduling what needs to be done.

“Many times our ‘busyness’ is as a result of taking on too much, procrastination and impossible deadlines.  Investigation into the issue of ‘busyness’ can reveal much.”

Carolyn reveals that it doesn’t take time, effort or magic to achieve that enviable free time.

“Take a deep breath, step back and look at what you’re trying to achieve. Most times the simple action of stopping and reflecting will put the issue into perspective.  You might even be able to cross the item off your list.”

Her motto sums it up perfectly – “done is better than perfect.”

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