This week I was one of the lucky few who went along to the inaugural screening run by the Toowoomba Film Society held upstairs at the Metro Cafe in Railway Street.


An avid movie lover, I love nothing more than sitting down and watching a good drama, nail biting thriller and more than anything to be shocked (my absolute favourite thing is when I am forced to yell at the screen).

The first movie screened was the Tim Burton film Big Fish. I am a huge Tim Burton fan, so was surprised to discover I hadn’t seen this one. With so many cameo appearances (Steve Buschemi, Danny De Vito to name but a few) and laugh out loud moments, it was a great night spent with some good friends.

With canapés served and bar service available, twinkling fairy lights in the background, it makes for a cheap night out with tickets about $10.

Next month’s movie is District 9, which is a movie I could never, ever tire of.

So, if you love movies like I do you should check out the Toowoomba Film Society and their upcoming screenings over the next few months. Like them on Facebook to find out when the next screening will be held.

Carrie Wilson