Toowoomba is the envy of Australia according to Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Andrew Wielandt. It’s easy to see why after inspirational presentations by Andrew, Mayor of Toowoomba Paul Antonio and Vice Chancellor of USQ Professor Jan Thomas at the Chamber AGM at The Downs Club today.

Toowoomba is a good place to be.

Andrew spoke of the Chamber’s goals and achievements including its strategic plan, its relationship with key stakeholders and its expansion in spheres of influence.

The Mayor spoke of phenomenal confidence and economic opportunity in Toowoomba. He outlined major projects including the Wagner Airport, Second Range Crossing, changes to routes in the CBD, new city library and more.

Professor Thomas explained the “triple threat” principle that guides much of USQ’s activity: community, teaching and research. She outlined how research units are addressing the three key points in areas as diverse as agriculture and the arts. She also explained how USQ is an engaged university and how it works with the community on many levels.

Friday lunches with this much knowledge, information and enthusiasm should be mandatory!

The new Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce and Industry board of directors:

President Andrew Wielandt, Vice President Joy Mingay, Secretary Denise Quinn, Treasurer Dan Gabbett with board members Bron Elliott, Phil Gregory, Julian Lancaster Smith and Phillip Stonestreet.

Words and photos by Ally Martell