The Heritage Bank Toowoomba Royal Show grows bigger each year, and 2018 will not disappoint, as this year the show will have more than 60 free activities for the whole family to enjoy. Children and adults are able to pet and watch all sorts of animals, with this year’s show boasting 13 different animal activities to choose from. Kids are able to get up close and personal with animals in the animal nursery, or they can sit back and watch a range of different animal activities ranging from pig racing, reptile demonstrations, and sheep sheering demonstrations.

The Toowoomba Royal Show will also have a range of sporting activities on offer. Kids will be able to drive their parents up the wall, literally, with the rock climbing wall. Otherwise, the family can watch watch the young farmers challenge, where farmers team up against each other in numerous different rural activities. Other sporting events include, chainsaw racing, the wood chopping show, and an area to watch the Commonwealth Games live on a eight square metre big screen television. This is a brand new addition to the show line up. The Games will be available to watch throughout the day and evening so show goers will not need to worry about missing a Games event. Other entertainment includes the Brophy Brothers Circus, cheerleading performances, a choreographed stunt and comedy show involving Heroes of the Outback Arena Spectacular, and the The Lone Ranger Stunt Show.

The show is not just for families. There will be floral art demonstrations, spinning and weaving demonstrations, fashion pop up parades, a Demolition Derby show, a historical motor cycle display, and a King of Baker competition. All these activities are just the tip of the iceberg, for more information please see the Toowoomba Royal Show events website.

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