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Putting on a Broadway musical is a challenging feat in itself, but if you’re an all-girls school you have to stop and ask: who is going to play the male roles?  Luckily for the students at Glennie, there is no shortage of talent and enthusiasm from neighbouring schools.

The Glennie School in Toowoomba is getting ready to premiere its 2015 musical, 42nd Street, and has a taken on seven talented male actors from a number of surrounding schools. The young dramatists from Centenary Heights State High School, Downlands College, Home Schooling and Toowoomba Grammar School may be outnumbered by the Glennie girls, but their skills won’t go unnoticed on stage.

The exciting theatre classic, 42nd Street, tells the story of an ambitious Peggy Sawyer (Sophie Macansh), who misses her audition for a Broadway musical due to nervousness. Luckily, she manages to catch the eye of famous director, Julian Marsh (Harry Paroz), who gives Peggy her big break. The play traces Peggy’s unpredictable rise to stardom and her rivalry with the show’s leading lady, Dorothy Brock (Molly Parker).

The amusing plot line promises to entertain. Audiences will be impressed with the dedicated Toowoomba students who surpass their age and experience with outstanding dramatic performances. Toowoomba residents are all welcome to join in the fun and entertainment, with performances at the Highfields Cultural Centre on Friday, 1 May at 7pm and Saturday, 2 May at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.

Tickets are $20 Adults, $15 Student/Concession and can be purchased via the Glennie website. Enquiries can be made by telephone 4688 8816.

Words by Marian Faa | Images supplied by The Glennie School