Eclectic workwear brand Trademutt will showcase its workwear at the Unleash the Beast Symposium in Toowoomba on World Mental Health Day on Wednesday 10 October.

TradeMutt consists of brightly coloured work shirts that aim to start conversations around men’s mental health with a light hearted and fun approach. The shirts also aim to make farmers, tradesmen and construction workers look and feel great at work. Co-founders Daniel Allen and Ed Ross want to help people understand that like physical health, we all need to be in touch with our mental health. “There is a difference between mental health and mental illness, and through practicing mental wellness, we can be better versions of ourselves,” says Daniel.

Each right pocket of the shirts have the initials YNWA, as a tribute to Dan’s friend who sadly took his own life and a reminder to anyone wearing the shirts “you’ll never walk alone.” TradeMutt hopes that this will encourage the much needed cultural shift in Australian male culture to seek out and discuss mental health issues. TradeMutt donates five per cent of its profits to mental health and suicide prevention programs throughout Australia. If intervention is sought early, more young Aussie blokes can be saved and the rate of suicide in Australia can be lowered.

Unleash the Beast is a writing and wellbeing symposium aiming to share, promote and propagate the conversation about mental health in a relaxed, entertaining and engaging manner. TradeMutt can be found at the Managing the Beast marketplace throughout the event.

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