The Avenues of Highfields developers will invest one million dollars into landscaping their 10-stage project, with a Tree Master Plan ensuring trees line every street within the development, according to Round Square Marketing.

Currently growing 1500 trees with local grower Emaho Trees, The Avenues developers will re-home these trees throughout various stages of the development.

“We want to emulate the street appeal that is synonymous with Toowoomba.

“A combination of mature tree varieties will line every street within the development – a substantial investment well over that of similar developments in the region,” project director Stephen Bowers said.

“Design guidelines reside over all works within the development – from facades, to fencing and of course landscaping. Our master plan also incorporates two substantial park lands engrossed in locally grown trees, along with recycled timber products from any trees that were required to be removed,” Mr Bowers added.

Highfields businessman and project developer Mac Stirling says, the investment being made by The Avenues of Highfields is unlike any other he has seen in the region.

“We are building so much more than your standard sub-division. The sheer investment made in the street landscaping, parklands, facilities and design aesthetics is setting a new standard of housing development in the Highfields area and is really a testament to our underlying objective to create a community within our region.”