Earlier this year the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) announced its new School of Creative Arts. The school has a renewed focus on academic programs and community engagement in the areas of Visual Arts, Theatre, Music, Film, Television, and Radio.

From next month, the creative activities of USQ Artsworx will be re-positioned into the new School of Creative Arts. This is an exciting opportunity to re-position USQ Artsworx creative activities and build on links with arts practice and further develop research, teaching, and learning, and industry connection in this field. USQ looks forward to strengthening connections with community organisations, industry and external stakeholders, and remains wholeheartedly committed to community groups making use of facilities such as the A Block Arts Theatre and the Concert Hall.

The 2019 USQ Artsworx Season of Events will continue as advertised and USQ Artsworx memberships will remain valid through to the end of the year. USQ looks forward to the community’s continued support of its creative arts students and staff as people engage in the variety of activities on offer.