Kristen Lovric has been a  University of South Queensland (USQ) Student Ambassador, for the last three years. She shares why it has been such a rewarding experience:

It is not just that Kirsten developed her own knowledge, confidence and professional skills extensively, it is also the great and positive impact one has as a Student Ambassador on the University student community, that made it a very honourable involvement for her. You will be able to share your passion for studying at the USQ with prospect future students, as well as the Team of Student Ambassadors offers advice and help to prospective students about tertiary studies and their career choices.

The USQ Student Ambassador program is a fulfilling position for students, where they can meet a range of people, work with university staff, present the University at diverse events and inspire others to consider tertiary studies, as Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Jan Thomas explained. Kirsten herself is an aspiring clinical psychologist, planning to undertake her Masters this year. She said that some parts of the Ambassador program especially helped with her psychology degree and definitely prepares her better for the future.

“These days I’m a confident public speaker because I had the chance to strengthen my social and communication skills while interacting with prospective students,” she said.

The program is open for application to all current USQ Students, as School Engagement Officer Hannah Redman advises.“We are looking for a great mix of representatives who want to share their university experiences with prospective students and can offer advice on programs and how to make the most of life at USQ,” Mrs Redman said.

Kirsten unquestionably recommends students to undertake the Student Ambassador program at USQ, as she had great fun, inspired people and gained a range of professional skills.

Words by Jessica Schremmer
Image supplied by USQ